There were simmering tensions between northern and southern states, and a number of causes that led to the American Civil War. Things such as slavery and cultural differences between the North and the South contributed towards the war. The Northern states had moved from farming to industry while the Southern states had a large farming economy making use of slave labor. People in the North believed slavery to be wrong and they were known as abolitionists, wanting slavery to be made illegal. It made the South afraid that their way of life would change.

The South were devastated with the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States. He was a member of the new anti-slavery Republican Party. With Lincoln in power, many southern states opted to not be part of the United States, and 11 states left to form a new country known as the Confederate States of America. Abraham Lincoln said they didn’t have the right to do this and he sent troops in to prevent the South from leaving. This is how the Civil War started. A war lasting from 1861 till 1865.

Essays on the Civil War and Reconstruction

What an interesting bit of writing a reconstruction essay can be for a civil war essay. Millions of slaves were looking at freedom, however, a new set of challenges emerged during the Reconstruction period. Essays on the Civil War and Reconstruction will have to mention about legislature passing restrictive ‘black codes’ which were brought about to ‘control’ former slaves. This caused tempers to flare in the North. During 1867, when Radical Reconstruction began, blacks for the first time had a voice in government, but reactionary forces which included the Ku Klux Klan reversed Radical Reconstruction changes, restoring white supremacy in the South.

There is so much a reconstruction era essay can give you to write on as opposed to a general essay on the civil war. An essay on what caused the civil war could also make for interesting reading, as the slave issue seemed to be the major culprit for the war starting. Your research for such an in-depth topic will take you online, but for an essay on civil war you could also look at books. There’s a detailed history of the Civil War which can be found in the book ‘Battle Cry of Freedom’ by James M. McPherson. The book provides a detailed account of the Civil War, and an essay on what caused the civil war will benefit from this book as it goes right up to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

Getting Started with Civil War Essay

Just explaining what the Civil War was has taken up a lot of space, so how do students like yourself begin to write an essay on Civil War? How do you choose a topic and a catchy ‘want-to-read-more’ title? If you’re battling with topic ideas for your essay on Civil War, some original suggestions could be ‘The volatile lives of southerners and northerners in the 1800s’, an essay was the civil war inevitable could be interesting, or what about ‘Why slaves believed the Civil War could grant them Equal Rights?’ Get an early start and follow these simple steps –

Find that good topic and write an intriguing title for a thrilling essay on the American civil war.

  • Do in-depth research both on- and offline and use all the main ideas that you gather to create an outline. You will need to organize and format ideas logically in preparation for writing the essay. Creating an outline is simple and will include the introduction as well as the one-sentence thesis statement, the essay body and then the conclusion.
  • Introduction – this paragraph introduces the topic and also gives the all-important thesis statement.
  • Body – you can perhaps choose 3 body paragraphs and allow each one to concentrate on a main idea. Remember to support all claims with accurate, credible data.
  • The conclusion sums up everything and also encourages thoughts on the topic. We all have different thoughts about the Civil War in America and what brought it about, but slavery and the election of Lincoln as president played large roles.

Persuading Readers to Your Point of View

Your essay conclusion can be a couple of short paragraphs, your goal being to restate the thesis and to summarize the essay’s body. There isn’t a set standard for a great conclusion, but there are always some key aims to keep in mind. The conclusion must have a clear connection to the content of your essay. Remember that the conclusion needs to wrap ideas up and not present any new ideas. Your conclusion is your last chance to persuade your readers to your point of view. The impression you create needs to be so thought-provoking that it lingers with your readers for a long time after they’ve finished reading the essay.