How you dot your ‘i’s’ and cross your ‘t’s’ may well be used for personnel selection in landing you the right job! The movement of handwriting is a clue to character, and fluid, rounded writing indicates an easy-going nature, while angular, sharp writing suggests aggressiveness.

Your handwriting says a lot about you, and firms could spare themselves a lot of wasted money and hours by using graphology to study the handwriting of applicants and avoid employing a mismatch.

How to Write in Cursive Leads to SO MANY Benefits

With such a fast-paced world in which we live, we need to be fast in everything, even writing. There is plenty of evidence that suggests that the simple act of writing by hand isn’t only quick, it helps with cognition in ways that typing with a keyboard doesn’t.

Apart from the cognitive advantages, handwriting is a valuable skill for students, more so when your laptop is out of action and there is no keyboard in sight. Writing in cursive, with the letters connected, is also faster than writing each letter separately in manuscript form.

With computers, smartphones and tablets for reading and writing, one has to question whether learning how to write in cursive isn’t obsolete, and that all you need is a keyboard to succeed in a career.

Cursive writing is by no means obsolete. After a period where writing was dropped in schools, many states are now re-establishing cursive writing in the school’s curricula.

Teachers have the know-how and can show children in class how to form letter combinations, focusing on the all-important starting point and direction. They allow the children to trace patterns, letters and figures with their fingers, before attempting the letters with pencil on paper.

Cursive Writing Guide – Basics to Get You Started

If as a student, you’ve missed out on learning these skills and don’t even know how to write your name in cursive, a writing guide can be of tremendous help.

Basic ways these guides help you learn to write in cursive –

  • Ask your teachers or your parents to write the letters of the alphabet for you. You can then practice them and learn how to link the letters to other letters.
  • There are plenty of exellent examples of cursive writing online for primary school- high school and college students as well as adults. The cursive writing worksheets are basic and similar to what you would have used at school.Whether you’re a child, a student or an adult, you’ll find amazingly simple, free cursive writing worksheets here – which you can print out.
  • Free cursive writing courses are a-plenty on the Internet to guide you on how to write quickly and neatly in cursive, starting with your name and going on to other words.

As you go through your cursive writing guide you’ll be able to –

  • Form lower- and upper case letters properly.
  • Use cursive handwriting tools such as pencil, ruler and eraser.
  • Write short sentenes in cursive writing.
  • Understand how to have proper spacing between letters and words.
  • Write neatly and legibly.
  • Develop speed with your cursive writing.

Important Rule for How to Write in Cursive for Beginners

A guide on cursive writing will draw attention to the fact that not many people are aware that writing starts from the top left corner, finishing at the bottom right – a basic skill for novice cursive writers.

Writing guides for beginners are easy, showing you how to get started by writing the ‘abc’, and then later joining the letters. How to write in cursive for adults follows, becoming slightly more advanced as you gain onfidence.

Experts tell us that cursive handwriting offers kids neurologial benefits which can ultimately make them more employable, so its an excellent skill to have. Also,simply making handwritten notes during learning, helps one remember information far better than those who have to type notes.

Learning cursive writing, your guide will re-iterate the basic concept – writing starting from the top left corner and finishing at the bottom right – reminding children constantly about this.

Any good writing guide will tell you that these basic writing rules are imperative – the starting and ending points, even patterns and nice, flowing movements.

Learn How to Write in Cursive – Good for the Brain

How to write in cursive step by step is made so much easier with the right ideas and resources. Both aduts and children can learn handwriting quickly with alphabet charts found online.

Such simple effective teaching methods, even as an adult wanting to learn cursive writing, will convince you that it’s never too late to learn a new skill.

There is just way too much evidence pointing to the fact that putting pen to paper does stimulate the brain. Learning to write in cursive does improve brain development that typing on a keyboard can’t. Even College Boards are finding that students who wrote in cursive for the essay part scored higher than those who printed it.

Cursive writing doesn’t have to have fancy slants and curls – it’s all about a simple, quick way to communicate and there are plenty of opportunities online to learn how to do precisely that.